Famous Myths

The world has been infested with myths since time immemorial. Most of these are baseless and are concocted just for the sake of making an interesting and wondrous tale. Listed below are 20 such famous myths which are quite well known and which many still believe to be true facts:
  1. Bloody Mary :
  2. The legend of Bloody Mary is undoubtedly a myth. The story goes that if you go into your bathroom without the lights on, and say “Bloody Mary” three times, the ghost of Mary Worth will appear and will kill you. Marty Worth is supposedly executed being accused of being a witch.

  3. Newton was hit by an apple :
  4. The most popular story about an apple falling from a tree on Newton’s head and the subsequent discovery of gravity is most probably a myth. The apple in connection with one of the most significant discoveries of the world was first mentioned by Voltaire many years after Newton’s death. So, chances are, it was only made up.

  5. Captain Cook discovered Australia :
  6. All Captain Cook did was probably discovered a new part of the country, but the belief that he discovered Australia is a myth. Many years before the arrival of Cook, Abel Tasman and Dirk Hartog from Dutch and an Englishman, William Dampier visited the country. Of course, the indigenous Australians had discovered the country some 50000 years earlier.

  7. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet :
  8. It is true that Shakespeare is one of the most successful and talented playwrights in the English language and he definitely did write Hamlet. However, the story of Hamlet was not original. It was adaptation of a story called, “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” written in 1603. In fact, most of Shakespeare’s plays were adaptations and versions of earlier written stories.

  9. Edison invented the electric bulb :
  10. Holder of some 1093 patents, Thomas Edison amazes us even today, except that the reason why he seems so amazing might not be true. Most of Edison’s inventions were the work of his technicians who have never been appreciated for their work. The electric bulb, specifically, for which Edison is so famous, was invented by an English scientist, Sir Humphrey Davy forty years before the birth of Edison. What Edison did was improve on the model and make a bulb with the right filament that would glow for many months without wearing out.

  11. Gandhi liberated India :
  12. Although most believe that Gandhi was the most significant leader of Indian Independence, the fact that he liberated India is a myth. He was an important part of the entire movement for independence, but according to historians independence of India was inevitable and all Gandhi did was played a small part in the movement. His contribution definitely matters but his was not the only contribution that matters.

  13. The vanishing hitchhiker :
  14. A common myth is about a vanishing hitchhiker where the story goes that a young man picks up a hitchhiker—usually a young lady, who asks to be dropped at her house. Upon reaching the address, the hitchhiker mysteriously disappears from inside the car. When the man knocks on the door, he learns that the lady in question has died long ago.

  15. George Washington was America’s first President :
  16. Though it is more popularly known that George Washington was the first President of the US, a much lesser known fact is that the Continental Congress had appointed Peyton Randolph as the first American President during the American Revolution. Washington was then the General and commander of the Continental Army which was set up to fight against Great Britain. America won the war under the commandership of Washington, and as a war hero, he was elected as President of free America.

  17. Walt Disney drew Mickey Mouse :
  18. Walt Disney was not a great artist himself and had trouble drawing the characters which made him so popular. The character of Mickey Mouse, though envisioned by Disney, was drawn by his number one animator, Ub Iwerks. He was the fastest animator in the business at the time.

  19. Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen :
  20. Walt Disney has not been cryogenically frozen so that he would be revived back to life if future technology ever reached such a level. Records clearly show that he was cremated in 1966 soon after he died. What got the rumour started was the secrecy surrounding his funeral.